Specialized apps for different tasks

Each app serves different purpose

Each app is specialized in different field allowing you to complete exact task without overcomplicated options, that you never use. The simpler, the better!

Pay only for what you use

You can create your own set of apps, add and remove them as you need. This allows you to spend effectively less money, focusing only on what you want

Not only for big ones

Mini Apps are desiged especially for small clients. Just free enough to see what we offer. Just cheap enough to get affordable premium service

Beauty in simplicity

If you can't explain somebody how it's working, then you don't understand it properly; so we are aiming for simplest solutions possible. Each app have one up to five endpoints. Each endpoint is only few lines of code, that we encourage you to copy and paste into your app. Just replace your APP_KEY and you are good to go!

Simple terms of use

  1. Standard service is free
  2. Service is provided by Sailing Byte
  3. It is only allowed to use service via this website
  4. Your IP might be blocked if we detect service abuse
  5. Service is free and limited by assigned server resources
  6. Each app has different API endpoint, as noted in documentation.
  7. By registering you are assigned API key you may use for yourself, testing, app development or anything else
  8. Each app has free and premium version
  9. API call results using free key are removed after one month.
  10. API call results using premium key are held on server as long, as subscription lasts
  11. If you are registered user, you may ammend and remove all your data as you wish
  12. Please note, that by using free service/current demo other users, who visit your links, might view your shared data
  13. Premium account allows you to use password protected links
  14. Integration code samples are free to use
  15. PHP library for simple use will be available soon
  16. We are tracking anonymised user interactions on this portal to provide better service
  17. We encourage sharing of your links
  18. We respect your decision to block ads, although we discourage it, as service is provided for free
  19. Free part of service is only for non-comercial use only
  20. Terms may change at any time

Did you know?

If you will install Chrome pluing or Firefox addon, you will be able to access quickly MiniApps and also store your passwords securely!

See Sailing Keys in Chrome Store

See Sailing Keys in Firefox Repository

Thank you! We will send you notification as soon as paid service starts.

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